Pedicabs for sale in Florida — Pedicabs

Pedicabs for sale in Florida

A Lee County entrepreneur wants to bring a brand new business downtown. Normally you see Pedicabs in big cities and they haven't been allowed in Fort Myers.

They are essentially a rickshaw with a bike,which one local PE teacher is a step closer to bringing into the city.

"It has a lighting system on it,a braking system. We have a horn. It has headlights on it. Rearview mirrors. Everything you need to make sure you're safe, " said Vadis Parson.

For the past year,this has been Parson's dream. "We'll be available for regular transport,site seeing tours."

She has the Pedicab,an office,business cards,even merchandise with her logo for sale. "Right,haha,but I'm not operating yet,hahaha."

That's because right now,her bicycle carriage,isn't allowed on city streets.

Here's the problem: in order for her to operate,it has to be regulated.

Since this is a new idea in Fort Myers,no such regulations exist.

So,for the past several months,she's worked with city staff to get an ordinance put together,and on Monday that ordinance is being seen by the city council.

"Before these things hit the street,the city wants to make sure they're safe,that they have lights,that they're not going on busy roads - a whole host of issues. That's why this ordinance here is so long.

Nicole DeVaughn is the planning manager for the Fort Myers Community Development. "You've got enforcement regulations,you've got standards on where they can be,how many you can have. You've got insurance regulations. Because you're operating on city streets and sidewalks,we do have to regulate that."

If the city council gives it the green light than the door to a new industry will be open.

The city council is getting its first look at this ordinance today,but won't be voting on it until a future meeting.

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