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23 Things People From Indianapolis Love

1. People In Indianapolis Know Their City Is Juuuuust Right

Source: Flickr user Josh Hallett

Ask anyone. It’s like Goldilocks. The city size is just right. Not too big, not too small.

2. The Colts Are Everyone’s Home Team, No Matter What

Source: Indianapolis Colts Facebook

That’s almost a given in Indianapolis, actually, especially when the team won the Super Bowl all those years ago. Even before their win, though, you wouldn’t find a single Indianapolis resident never pitching their cheers for their faithful NFL football team.

23 Things People From Indianapolis Love3. People In Indy Know It’s Always Five O’Clock Somewhere

Source: The Ball & Biscuit Facebook

It may not be a metropolitan giant, but it can sure still party with the best of them. Indianapolis natives will attest to that fact with hip lounges like “The Ball & Biscuit, ” the “Libertine Liquor Bar, ” and the “Rathskeller.” Let’s go, bartender. Bring me a beer.

4. The Neighborhoods Are Getting New Life

Source: Wikimedia user Nyttend

Residents living in areas like Babe Denny, Bates-Hendricks, the Cole Noble Commercial Arts District, or Cottage Home can vouch for the beauty and charm. They’re not cookie-cutter houses. They have character. The best part, though? These countless homes and areas have been restored, and that’s largely the crown jewel of Indianapolis.

23 Things People From Indianapolis Love5. Everyone In Indianapolis Knows BRIC Serves The Ice Cream Of The Gods

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Trust me. The locals love this just as much as tourists do. Interestingly enough, though, this isn’t your everyday ice cream joint. It’s located right on the Monon Trail greenway in an old railway station. All aboard.

6. Everyone Thanks God For The Indianapolis 500

23 Things People From Indianapolis LoveCan you imagine what residents there in Indianapolis would do if they didn’t get their dose of hardcore racing? They’d go crazy. This national institution of rubber burning and tire screeching proves that Indianapolis, IN, residents are petrol patrons to the max.

7. Vegetarians Just Might Be Converted By The St. Elmo Steak House

This is the go-to for the people of Indianapolis when they get a hankering for steak and shrimp cocktails. And boy, are they lucky. This spectacle of fine cuisine is the real deal, nominated by the James Beard Foundation as one of their America’s Classic eateries.

8. People In Indy Go Back In Time At the Severin Bar

Source: Yelp

Many residents in Indianapolis love vintage spots that remind them of the good old days, much like the Hard Rock Café in Chicago. Here in Indianapolis, though, they get something even better—a taste of 1933 with the pre-Prohibition style cocktails and flair for the times.

23 Things People From Indianapolis Love 23 Things People From Indianapolis Love 23 Things People From Indianapolis Love 23 Things People From Indianapolis Love

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