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Pedicab Outdoor is a media management company specializing in pedicab operations, pedicab advertising and marketing. We know this business better than anyone because we are also pedicab operators.

We understand the unique, interactive brand experience that can only come in the form of a rickshaw. From production and permits to the most effective route scenarios, we handle all the details to deploy a campaign that runs as smoothly as a well-oiled machine. (Or, ahem, bike.)

Pedicab Ads

Bicycle rickshawThe nuts and bolts of a pedicab campaign. Common campaigns we do on a regular basis include:

Full Vinyl Wrap.

The little black dress of pedicabs, this custom-fit, weather-proof wrap turns heads in places where traditional outdoor goes unnoticed.

The Panel Ad.

For the commitmentphobe. These magnet ads can be easily changed to update brand messaging daily – or if so inclined, hourly.

The Billboard Bike.

Just like the original, but instead of standing flacid at the side of a highway it rides on the back of a pedicab down Main Street.

Pimp your Ride.

Pedicab adsWe can customize a fleet of bikes just short of making them fly. Let us handle the production of your specially designed pedicabs.

Experiential Campaigns.

Sometimes the norm isn’t enough (see the award winning McDonald’s campaign). We’re here to make sure the extreme goes smoothly.

Customizing Your Campaign

We are constantly innovating within the realm of pedicab media. We’re happy to work with you to create a campaign that will make a maximum impact with our pedicabs. We own and work with bike taxi companies all over the country.Pedicab outdoor Pick your markets and we’ll manage your campaign from the bike route up.


Taking your campaign to the next level of engagement.

Field Marketing.

We make brand reps out of pedicab drivers. Customers can get product information by chatting with their bike cabbie.

Collateral Distribution.

Get your brand into the hands of the people. Coupons, pamphlets or samples – if it fits in the back of a pedicab we can get it to the masses.

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Could a lawn tractor trailer be converted into a sort of pedicab?

im thinking of ways to make a cheap pedicab buisness and wanted to know if one of thoose tow behind lawn trator utility trailers could be modded intoa tow behind rickshaw per say pedicab?? dont have 4 grand to buy a real pedicab

LOlololol yes it would problem work if your mower has a hitch, and if you can arrange some seating on the trailer....
Also you would need to change the gearing on mower to go faster, and also get a new muffler/exhaust system, because it would be way too loud for normal streets