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Pedicab Tours Central Park

Central Park Pedicab Tours

“We wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we enjoyed the Bicycle Rickshaw tour of Central Park. We enjoy frequent trips to New York City but you made this one something to remember. Although it was quite cold outside, you ensured we were both kept warm with that wonderful heavy blanket. Unforgettable experience! ”

Abay and Janet, Seekonk, MA

$89 /2 hours pp

Our guided pedicab tours in Central Park, offer an exciting alternative to walking or biking. Just sit back and relax in one of our rickshaws while we take you on a ride around the most famous part of Central Park.

If you have only an hour or so to spend in the park, then the 50 minute loop is perfect for you. The tour covers the lower part of Central Park, where most of the sights are concentrated.

If however, you devoted an entire day to see the Park (a very wise decision by the way) or at least couple of hours, we recommend booking a 2 hour pedicab tour that covers the entire park.

Don't worry as with all of our tours, you will be making plenty of stops for pictures and walking.

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Cyclist Owes $625 After Running Red Light Without A Bell  — Gothamist
That's when the notices really started coming in—alerting her that her drivers license was suspended, as was her (already expired) pedicab license, in addition to a warrant for her arrest. The total for the two tickets was also raised to $625.