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Pedicab Savannah, GA

Savannah Pedicab’s bike taxi service area stretches from Bay Street (with access to River Street via the elevator) to Park Avenue just south of Forsyth Park and west from MLK Jr. Blvd to East Broad St. This scenic expanse encompasses some of Savannah’s most striking architecture and prominent historic sites,best seen in the open air of a Savannah bicycle taxi with our knowledgeable guides. Call us for details.

Leave your car at the hotel or at home and call Savannah Pedicab for a ride anywhere in the Historic District—we’re always just a few minutes away!

Trips for Tips means no need to haggle! For rides less than a 1/2 hr,just pay what you feel your transportation,custom excursion or personal consierge service was worth.

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That's when the notices really started coming in—alerting her that her drivers license was suspended, as was her (already expired) pedicab license, in addition to a warrant for her arrest. The total for the two tickets was also raised to $625.


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