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Pedicab rates

You know that feeling when you really want to tell someone something, but resist so that you don’t spoil the surprise? Well, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag and stop being cryptic to those who’ve been asking – it’s true, Uber is bringing the good times to !

We’re turning Austin’s pedicabs into ‘Uber Pedicabs’ – your private pedicab driver – which you’ll be able to request using SMS or our rockin’ iPhone or Android apps. For SXSW debutants, the only way to get around Austin is on Pedicabs – so we’re combining tech and pedal power in a way that’s never been done before.

While Uber traditionally takes a cut of the fare, we wanted to use this opportunity in Austin to help a tremendous cause. 20% of every ride taken in a pedicab powered by Uber will be donated to . LIVESTRONG serves people affected by cancer and empowers them to take action against the world’s leading cause of death. We’re really excited about helping out, so please get the word out!

Important: If you’ve already downloaded the Uber app, you must update your application via the App store, iTunes or Android market to the latest release to use our Uber pedicabs.

Here’s how the Pedicab flow works…

1. Locate

Using the Uber Android or iPhone apps, ‘set your location’ with the touch of a button and we’ll have a personal pedicab driver heading your way. If you’re kicking it old school without iPhone or Android, you can still get in on the party by texting us your address including city. Once we’ve got your location locked in, we’ll SMS with an estimated time of arrival (for a pedicabber) and then send another SMS as your Uber pedicab rolls up.

*Please remember that in every request you make, there’s a real person pedaling hard to get to you, so don’t bail on them!

2. Negotiate

The Uber experience has a very SXSW twist: All Austin pedicabs let you negotiate the price in advance. Once you’ve agreed on price, we deduct the fare and tip from your Uber account via credit card, NO CASH NEEDED! Keep in mind that every ride supports an important cause so give if you can!

3. Rate

Once you’ve bid adieu to your personal pedicab driver, we want you to rate their performance. They’re a competitive bunch down here, so be sure to give a thorough appraisal – we want the best to rise to the top quickly! As you cruise around the conference, we’d love to hear from you. Hit us up via or with any questions, feedback and requests for dinner dates We love hearing from users new and old.

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