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Pedicab of Charleston

A unique Charleston mode of

Charleston Pedicab provides numerous opportunities for local, national, and global clients to advertise their message. These pedicabs are constantly on the move in and around the heart of the downtown peninsula, that’s why we like to call them mobile billboards. Every hour between 9 a.m. and 2 a.m., thousands of people will view your information pedaling down the streets. Post your signs on the back of the carriage or the front guard rail!

Interested in wrapping the entire cab with your company name? Charleston Pedicab can make it happen at an affordable price. We work with our advertising clients to provide a satisfying and effective approach towards giving your company or advertising campaign ultimate exposure.

Charleston Pedicab has been providing advertisement opportunities for over a decade now. With all the recent growth Charleston has seen Charleston Pedicab is now an even more valid approach toward gaining publicity. Recent clients include Naked Turtle Rum, Nationwide Insurance, The Market Pavilion Hotel, Pizza Hut, Holy City Brewing, Firefly Vodka, Ed Hardy Clothing, and Carolina’s Restaurant. As you can see from previous clients, Charleston Pedicab works with a diverse group of companies. Whether your industry is retail clothing, food and beverage, hospitality, tourism, or any other, Pedicab advertisement can help your success.

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Cyclist Owes $625 After Running Red Light Without A Bell  — Gothamist
That's when the notices really started coming in—alerting her that her drivers license was suspended, as was her (already expired) pedicab license, in addition to a warrant for her arrest. The total for the two tickets was also raised to $625.