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Pedicab for sale USA

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Redi Redi Pedi Cab Company
Orlando, FL 32819
Twitter: Pedicab
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Orlando pedicab company, Redi Pedi, has a pedicab sale. We are selling pedicabs from our fleet to make room for new ones. Pedicabs are also known as rickshaws, bike taxis, or bicycle carriages. Pedicab sale in time for Christmas, Holiday, and Black Friday Specials.

Pedicabs come with:

  • Suspension Forks
  • Ding Dong Bicycle Bell
  • Sun Rhyno Lite Disk Wheel Front
  • Rear View Mirror
  • SigmaSport Tri-LED
  • Hayes Quad-5 Front Disk Brake System
  • Why Walk pedicab cab body, frame, and rear wheels
  • Water cage
  • LED Tail Light and Turn-Signal with 12-volt battery system
  • Quick Release Seatpost
  • Rear-axel brake system
  • Reflectors
  • Meet pedicab requirements for non-motorized vehicles ordinance in Orlando and Gainesville.

The Redi Pedi Cab Company operates daily on International Drive, the Orange County Convention Center, and Pointe Orlando. Our pedicabs offer tradeshow, convention, expo attendees short-haul transportation and exhibitors outdoor mobile advertising.

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