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Pedicab design

The pedicab, commonly known in the Philippines as the padyak or trisikad (tri-see-kad), is a three-wheeled bicycle with a covered sidecar used to transport the public in rural and suburban areas where there are smaller roads.

Although commonly used all throughout the country, pedicabs have design problems. Drivers and passengers alike complain that their design is uncomfortable, and that it can use some improvements. Through interviews, these people attest that pedicabs often have low seating heights, very wide gaps in the flooring, and safety and weather protection concerns.

In this research, student ergonomists venture to redesign the pedicab in order to make it more “ergonomic” for both the passengers as well as the driver, using relevant small-sample anthropometric data coupled with testimonials. To illustrate the recommendations made, the group made a life-size prototype of the proposed design.

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