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Pedicab advertising rates

Here at R & R Pedicab Company we pride ourselves in offering genuine outdoor solutions that really work. We provide brand and service awareness in a unique, fresh and innovative approach with a bit of fun and “twist of style".
As an advertiser you will not only be associated with a memorable, unique and
cost effective form of transportation but also one that is eco-friendly and
conscious of keeping the environment clean

Why Pedicab Advertising
· More mobile than a billboard, or bus and generates more awareness than a taxicab.
· Long exposure time of your advertisement will increase your name recognition by
reaching thousand of potential customers at advertising rates lower than radio,
newsprint, or billboards.
· Your billboard no longer waits for crowds to come to it; your billboard goes to the crowds.
· Drivers can bring patrons directly to your doorstep.
· Sponsored complimentary rides can be offered to your current and potential customers.
· Opportunity for distribution of coupons, promotional items and flyers, also sponsorship
of driver's uniforms. What other billboard company can do that.
· With pedicab advertising you can deliver your message in a fun and memorable way.
Pedicab advertising is great way to extend your reach beyond the booth or store
We can be part of any of your advertising campaign, including corporate meetings,
conventions, trade shows, and special events. This service is not only for your
advertisement but can also be for your transportation needs such as group rides
from point A to point B and return trip.
Whether you need advertising for a few days, a week, or even months, we can customize a campaign based on your company’s unique needs.
Our Bike Cabs run 8 – 15 hours a day.Picture They can expose your advertisement to thousands in a fresh and fun way. You can even triple your exposure by advertising on the t-shirts and hats of our drivers (Brand Ambassadors).
Our work environment covers the Convention Center, Epicentre, Time Warner Cable Arena,
Knights Theater, Discover Center¸ Johnson& Wales University, Bank of America Corporate Center, Bank of America Stadium, NASCAR Hall of Fame, Mecklenburg County Court House, business offices, restaurants, hotels, and other meeting facilities which are open to vendors, conventioneers, and consumers in Center City Charlotte, and First, Third, & Fourth Ward residential areas. Pedicabs are human-powered vehicles that do not exceed speed limits and are also parked at exposed designated areas allowing longer exposures of your ad

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What is day rate in advertising?

A day rate, sometimes referred to as a "per diem", is a payment to an employee or subcontractor of a fixed amount for a single day's services, regardless of the actual number of billable hours worked.
In the advertising industry, day rates are often paid to freelance employees not on the regular agency payroll. A common calculation when determining a day rate is to multiply an applicable hourly rate by nine.

How are advertising rates for political candidates determined?

Candidates are given, as required by federal law, the lowest unit rate for that daypart (the method of determining