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There is a "Park Avenue" pedicab advertised for sale new on ebay (Park Avenue Pedicab An American Rickshaw from Broadway to Main Street | eBay). The Park Avenue looks to be very similar to the Main Street Broadway with the standard frame. The cost is $3198 with shipping in the USA. I got a laugh out of their auction title "Park Avenue Pedicab - an American Rickshaw from Broadway to Main Street".

Does anyone know anything about these pedicabs? Are they any good? Are they worth the money? Would I be better off spending the extra $1000 and getting a real Main Street Broadway pedicab? Any and all information on these pedicabs would be appreciated.

@chouwalker we at The USA Trailer Store have been in business for over 10 years and have a reputation of making quality products at affordable prices. We are the manufacture and sole distributor of our products. Conducting business this way allows us to keep costs low due to bypassing the use of third parties. We are glad you asked this question and would like to respond to some of the feedback given:

* rjoiner: Our Park Avenue Pedicab is constructed of both domestic and imported parts and is a solid product. Our brake calipers, rotors, & master cylinder are domestically made. Our gears and shifter are imported and made by Shimano. A majority of our parts are interchangeable with Main Street Pedicabs (MSP). Please note that we offer a one (1) year warranty on all products. Our company is of long standing and will undoubtedly be around to honor our product warranties.

* cycle_pathic_manic: This gentleman is correct, we indeed manufacture motorcycle trailers, motorcycle hitches, car tow dolly's and other products. We have sold thousands of trailers and if we are capable of making quality products that carry motorcycles & 1, 000+ LB vehicles, we can create a structurally sound pedicab as well.

* TikkiTikki: "Braking System" - The product he is referencing IS NOT our Park Avenue Pedicab. We do not use a "leather strap brake" and our braking system can be compared to the one used by MSP.

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