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If you live downtown, let us pick you up at your door and take you to your favorite restaurant or bar!

Indy’s Original Pedicab CO. is a locally owned and a first of its kind company here in Indianapolis; created to give the residents and visitors of downtown Indianapolis an alternative way of transportation. Indy Pedicabs will not only provide a greener way or a more environmentally friendly way of transportation but will also give our passengers a new way to explore downtown and the surrounding areas.

Living, Working, and Enjoying Downtown Indianapolis

Today, Downtown Indianapolis is a thriving success story with multiple housing complexes, retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities being built. With all this development happening more and more people are flocking back to the heart of the action. Our goal is to be there when they arrive and to provide a one of a kind service they can’t get anywhere else in Indy. Living and working downtown means easy access to over 200 shops, over 270 restaurants and bars, 18 museums and historical sites and neighborhoods, and 23 performing art galleries.

Currently over 20, 000 people call home to the downtown and surrounding neighborhood areas and more are sure to come with new developments popping up everywhere. Indianapolis ranked sixth as an MSN Real Estate best bargain market in June 2008 and it highlighted our urban renewal programs and our compact Downtown. The record demand for the relocation to the downtown area has led to more than 2, 175 new residential units currently in the pipeline totaling more than $388 million.

With all this new development happening it is important that we keep our city clean and have the ability to offer various modes of transportation. Indy Pedicabs is committed to keeping our city as clean as possible offering Indy’s first 100% omission free transportation.

Indy’s Original Pedicab CO. will only help our growth as a city by:

  1. Reducing C02 pollution by transporting passengers that would have normally drove.
  2. Reducing noise pollution.
  3. Becoming a draw itself to come to downtown and enjoy the restaurants, bars, sporting events.
  4. Allowing local businesses to advertise on our cabs, which will produce added revenue.

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