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Hereford Pedicabs saves 800 tonnes of carbonHereford Pedicabs saves 800 tonnes of carbon

Local businesses save over 800 tonnes of carbon using innovative, emission free, trade waste recycling scheme.

Local city centre businesses have embraced an innovative trade waste recycling scheme run by Hereford Pedicargo, a division of Hereford Pedicabs that uses pedal powered cargo trikes to collect inner city waste.

The scheme, established in mid 2008, saves clients money and rewards them with information on their carbon savings.

Payday loan debt continues to soarHereford Pedicargo director Will Vaughan told us; “The businesses we have engaged over the last year have together saved over 800 tonnes of carbon equivalent from entering the environment. By recycling paper, cardboard and plastic films and not sending the waste to landfill we are making a real difference to the environment and the businesses we are working with.”

The scheme, which has saved the same amount of carbon as emitted by the electricity use of about 350 average homes is allocating window stickers to all of its business users so they in turn can promote the good work they have been doing. Each year a champion recycler will win the ‘first placed’ award.

This year the champion is EFM Asset Management who have saved a staggering 5.7 tonnes of carbon – EFM representative Simon Hosking (Chief Operating Office) said: “On behalf of everyone in the Hereford office we are delighted to win this award. We are committed to recycling items which would otherwise go to landfill and are continually looking at ways to reduce our waste. By recycling all our paper locally and by using Pedicabs whose carts have no emissions we can continue to reduce our carbon footprint further.”

To celebrate the huge carbon saving, Hereford Pedicargo have teamed up with local business Reprodux Design and Print who are offering Pedicargo customers a discount on their printing until the end of September. Alison Holmes Managing Director of Reprodux Design and Print, is pleased to be supporting the ‘green scheme’. “As the only ‘green printers’ in Hereford we are delighted to be working together with Hereford Pedicargo and are keen to help local businesses ‘go green’ with their design and print needs too. In addition to the discount for Pedicargo customers, we are currently offering free, environmentally focused design and print consultations and hope to see more local businesses making the green choice in the future”

The Pedicargo team have been amazed by the amount of waste they have deal with over the year “even in tough economic times it is fantastic to see people making the right choice, putting the environment first and saving money by doing so.”

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