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Electric Pedicabs, Rickshaws, Cargo Trikes, and Delivery Vehicles have different requirements than Electric Bicycles.

Heavy vehicles don't need to go fast but they need a lot of torque - especially starting up hills loaded. The Phoenix Brute Conversion Kit has been powering these vehicles for years, but an increasing number of operators have asked us to limit the speed. There is a way to do that, but we decided rather than de-tune the Phoenix, we would manufacture an electric drive system specifically designed for the pedicab and rickshaw industry, now known as the G12 Hub Motor Kit and G12 Pedicab Mid-Drive Kit. The G12 Hub Motor uses an internal planetary gear to maximize torque and efficiency by trading top end speed for an incredible amount of torque. The G12 Motor produces more off-the-line torque than the Phoenix Brute Motor, and uses less power to do it. The G-12 has a clutch, so it is fully disengaged when coasting. This means zero drag, but the trade-off is that the geared hub motors cannot be run in reverse. Due to continuous power requirements of regular pedicab operation, we offer the G-Series motors on either 20 inch rims or as a mid-drive motor in order to keep them well within their limits and able to operate reliably. For 26 inch wheel pedicabs unable to use a mid-drive motor, the Phoenix Brute is still your best option from ElectricRider since it can handle much higher continuous loads as a direct drive hub motor.

A Pedicab Powered by the ElectricRider G-12 Electric Pedicab Kit

There are two G Series motors: For a vehicle with 20 inch wheels, the G8 is the right choice for the added speed. If you have a 26 inch wheel, best choose the G-12 for the added torque.

For Pedicabs, you have three G-Series options: G12 Motor on 20 inch Rim - G12 Motor as Mid-Drive - G8 Motor as Mid-Drive

G Series Bike Kits come laced to your choice of wheel sizes: 16, 20, 24, 26, and 29 inch. G Kits include motor, controller, throttle, spokes, and wheel lacing.

Some vehicles can use the G-12 as a mid-drive system. For mid-drive systems, a sprocket is substituted for the rim, spokes, and lacing.

Performance as Mid-Drive on Pedicabs
System Volts Amps Watts

G-8 Mid-Drive Top Speed
recommended for 20 inch wheel ~800 lbs with cargo

G-12 Mid-Drive Top Speed
recommended for 26 inch wheel ~800 lbs with cargo

4830 48V 30A 1448W 16mph

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