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With the sun heating up Denver to a smolder during the day, some of the best fashion comes out at night. Case in point: local pedicab driver Ox Lox, who was spotted rocking a mix of unkempt clothes and tasteful accessories. Read on to learn his style icons, his favorite director and his style mantra.
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Name: Ox Lox.

Spotted at: 16th and Platte streets.

Profession: Pedicab driver.

ox2.jpg2013 jam: "You're Everything" by Bun B.

Favorite film: Harmony Korine's short film, which is one third of the Vice-produced film The Fourth Dimension. He's my favorite director; I love his films. Watch the film for free here.

Style inspirations/icons: Iggy Pop is sloppy but looks good with his pants unzipped and his hair a mess. The lead singer of Pulp, Jarvis Cocker, is really polished and has a nice, dressed-up look.

Favorite color: Red because it's associated with blood and it's a visceral color that we process optically.

Favorite accessory: My gold disk necklace. My uncles all had one when I was growing up, so I always admired it. The disc has the virgin madonna on one side and Jesus Christ on the other.

ox3.jpgStyle mantra: If you don't have any bad clothes, then you'll never be wearing bad clothes. I mean, if you only buy pieces that you really love, then anything you throw on will be cool and you'll feel good.

Shops at: I typically receive clothes from my friends as gifts. Or we will trade clothes. If I don't get any clothes from my friends, then I shop at Buffalo Exchange.

"Presenting a good outlook sends out good vibes. It's good to maintain good vibes. Fashion plays a role in that. How you rock something makes you confident, " explains Lox. Here he sports his favorite gold necklace, and also the button of a local band, Strange Kids. "Love each other, " Lox adds. "And step up your shoe game." He makes sure his shoe game is on point here with his cherrywood-colored Dr. Marten boots, which were a bargain: $25 at Buffalo Exchange.

Style analysis: With a rock-and-roll attitude, distressed denim and a bleach-speckled tee, Lox captures some of Iggy Pop's fashion sense in this night0time look. His circular shades were borrowed from a friend, and his necklace pays tribute to his childhood heroes: his family. For his street style, Lox draws from both fashion icons and personal inspirations; he believes in projecting good vibes in order to receive them in return.

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