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I've been hanging out at the National World War II Museum on the day shift lately. The city is crawling with pedicabs these days, but nobody else works the museum. I bragged about my new sweet spot to my boss so much that he rode a bike over there last week just to see for himself, and he picked up a ride within 10 seconds. (If I pull up in front of the museum tomorrow and find a line of pedicabs waiting there, at least I'll know that my colleagues/competitors are reading my blog.)

The people I pick up there tend more toward the geriatric - as opposed to the Bourbon St. set for instance, which, as everyone knows, is mostly drunken college kids. Actually, that distinction is easily overstated. Whenever a 60- or 70-year-old couple boards the bike at the museum they're as likely as not to ask me to take them to Bourbon St.

Speaking of geriatric, I took a 97-year-old lady for a birthday ride last Friday. I was about to do a drop off on Bourbon off when a waiter from Galatoire's flagged me down to say that they needed two bikes. This was good news since a pickup at Galatoires is pretty much bound to produce a good tip. I deposited my passenger at his destination a block up the road and circled back around to the restaurant as I radioed for a colleague to join me.

There were five ladies in all - three sisters, around my age; their mother; and the birthday girl and guest of honor, their grandmother. The sisters called her Maw-maw, South-Louisiana style with the accent on the second syllable. (I called my maternal grandmother, who was from the northern part of the state, MAW-maw; here on the south side of Alexandria, maw-MAW is the preferred pronunciation. I assume it comes from the French influence.)

The sisters came out of the restaurant first. They were attractive and well-dressed (You don't get seated at Galatoire's if you're not well-dressed!), and they spoke with heavy Yat accents, which marked them immediately as New Orleans natives. We chatted for a few minutes while we waited on the two older ladies to finish up their meal.

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