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Go around Pingyao Old City on foot
Go around the Old City on foot
Within the old city, the transportation seems quite various and convenient. Every day from 08:00~19:00, motor vehicles are prohibited in the old city. However, various labor-saving vehicles, like city-bus, battery car or bicycle, are ready there for your choice. What's more, the smooth and broad streets in the old city may provide much convenience and comfort for your trip. By the way, the old city is not very large, if you are energetic and have plenty of time, it is good to go around the city on foot and you may get a close vision and deep understanding of this ancient city.

By City-bus

In the Pingyao Old City, there is only one route of city-bus which runs a circle line around the old city. Here is the schedule of the city-bus:

Running Hours From November to April

By Bicycle

Rental bicycles
Pingyao Old City is not very large, and it is great to go around the city by bicycle to leisurely and carefully appreciate the streets, people's daily life and the antique residences here. Rental bicycles are available in most of the hostels in the Old City. It usually charges CNY 5~20 with a deposit of CNY 50~200 according to the type of bicycle (normal bicycle or tandem bicycle) and the time you want to rent for.

1. You can bargain for the price.
2. It would cost about 30 minutes for you to get to the thousands-year old Shuanglin Monastery (which is about 5 kilometers away from the Pingyao Old City) by bicycle.
3. If you would like to go around the City Wall of Pingyao by bicycle, it is only the bicycles rented on the wall that are available. Those rented in the hostel and in the Old City are not permitted to get on the wall.

Rental bicycles By Battery Car

Battery Car in Pingyao
Battery car is the environmental friendly substitute for motor vehicles in Pingyao Old City. It almost can be found everywhere in the Old City. There is no governing price for such vehicles. However, a certain range of the fare is reasonable. Generally speaking, it costs CNY 1~3 per person to go to the west gate of Pingyao Old City by battery car from Pingyao Railway Station; it costs about CNY 20 per person to go around the Old City. You can bargain the fare with the driver of the battery car.

By Pedicab

Pedicabs are available almost everywhere in Pingyao Old City. If you would not like to spend too much energy on walking but still prefer a leisurely wandering here, the pedicab may be not be a bad choice. Some details on the fare of the pedicab go as follows:
1. The minimal fare of the pedicab is CNY 2~5 per person per time for the first two kilometers (1.2 miles). Fare of the additional kilometers is decided through your bargaining;
2. The pedicab goes with the joint ticket of Pingyao Old City is charges CNY 25 per pedicab;
3. It charges CNY 10 for going around a single spot in the Old City and CNY 3 more for every additional spot;
4. The fare for rental a pedicab goes CNY 40 per day (for 8 hours);

Visit the Old City by rickshaw
5. To rent the pedicab for hours are also available. The minimal fare is CNY 10 for the first 2 hours and CNY 5 is charged for every additional hour.
6. To go to the Shuanglin Monastery by pedicab is also available. The fare of the whole trip is CNY 20 per pedicab.

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