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Pedicab New York cost

Phone: (212) 961-7435

New York Pedicab Advertising catches the eye of thousands of people in a unique and novel way.

New York Pedicab Advertising makes your brand stand out.

New York Pedicab Advertising takes your ad to the people.

New York Pedicab Advertising demonstrates that your company supports local, green businesses.

New York Pedicab Advertising promotes healthy living and fun and alternative modes of transportation.

New York Pedicab Advertising Phone: (212) 961-7435

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New York Pedicabs work in crowded Midtown Manhattan, the busiest and the most visited business district in the United States. You can see pedicabs around Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Central Park, Theatre District, Madison Square Garden, Grand Central Station and every possible street in Midtown Manhattan.

New York Pedicabs can be considered as mobile billboards with more creative advertising possibilities. Pedicabs are slow moving enviromentally-friendly vehicles and they stay in the eye level. Therefore, pedicabs stay within the crowds, reaching all different types of target audience.

New York Pedicab Advertising offers the best outdoor advertising opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors. New York Pedicab Advertising provides an exceptionally high-profile and environmentally-friendly, promotional outdoor advertising and mobile billboard opportunity that can be used anywhere in New York. New York Pedicab advertising is the most cost-effective outdoor media advertising option available in New York.

Put your brand's graphics at the back and side panels of our pedicabs. Your brand will be displayed with high quality adhesive vinyl.

Customize the color of our pedicabs to match the color of your brand's graphics. We apply a thin material that is coated on to our pedicabs like a tablecloth.

Sponsored free rides to attendees of your event, your store's shoppers, your hotel's visitors or your company's clients. The free rides can be arranged for the public as well. The hours can be customized.

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