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7. Re: Need help with Pedicab Driver Scam

Actually, pedicab drivers are allowed to charge whatever they want, provided the charge is listed on a rate card outside the pedicab, in at least 28-pt. type. There is a driver named Salas Avci who single-handedly got the pedicab pricing law changed. Last August, the New York City Pedicab Owner Association ( got a letter saying he'd taken four people for a 20-minute ride, charging them $100 each. The POA informed the NY Post (which now says it broke the story BTW), which made the overcharging a Big Thing.

I personally photographed Avci on his bike last October. His rate cards were held on by what looked like Scotch Tape, and were arranged so that they couldn't be read from outside. I still have the photos if anyone wants them emailed.

City Council was contacted by many who have been scammed by these guys. They revised the pricing law to make it a per-minute charge of the driver's choosing, as of - I think - June 15. And the rate cards are in much larger type. Most drivers now charge around $3 per minute. A good result of this: This new pricing has led to drivers no longer feeling the need to run red lights, since they make more money if they obey the rules.

Avci not only had his license renewed this year by the DCA, he even won a DCA lottery by which he can operate more pedicabs. How did that happen?

The older American drivers, BTW, still charge less than the new guys who come in from all over the world. I used to be one of those drivers. We started saying, about 2008, "This used to be a cool job." Where in 2001 there were 75 pedicabs on the streets, now there are 840.

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How does one become a pedicab driver in New York?

I've been considering becoming a pedicab driver in Manhattan. I know the city well and would like to work for myself. Is it really as easy as renting a pedicab, or do I need some kind of special license? There seems to be a lack of information about this subject on the internet.

Dial 311 and ask your question.
It's dangerous, be sure that you buy sufficient insurance for yourself, your passengers and anyone you hit, in a car, or pedestrian on the street/sidewalk.


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