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We were shocked at the price. It was my first time in New Orleans, and we had a business card for "Need A Ride", along with their phone number, 504-488-6565, which is printed on the card. We found this business card in our Yelp packet and figured it must be a good deal. WRONG!!!

This "Need A Ride" company wants your money, and once they get it, you won't get it back. Don't make the mistake we made...we got into the vehicle without being clear on the price. The dispatcher didn't explain the price, and our driver didn't explain it either.

Not sure why we handed over the 20 bucks instead of arguing at the end of the ride, but we were just shocked. NONE of the regular taxi rides we took in New Orleans had been as expensive as this pedicab! We also tipped the guy a dollar.

The next day, I did call the Need A Ride company and talked to somebody in the management business office. However he was NO HELP at all. He neither apologized nor offered any kind of compensation. I thought maybe he would at least offer us a discount on another ride, or some of the money back, but nope. He told me that there are several different routes between Capdeville and the Fountainbleau room at the Roosevelt Hotel, and he couldn't be sure which route our pedicab driver had taken. He said, depending on the route, we could have been charged LESS than $20, or we could have had to pay MORE than $20. HOLY HECK!!! that case, why didn't our driver take the shorter route and charge us LESS than $20??!!

It was our first time in a pedicab, and it didn't occur to us until we were already in the pedicab in traffic that you are NOT very safe when a pedicab drives down the side of a busy street. At one point, the driver of a car came very close to side-swiping the pedicab. The pedicab also had to make an awkward sort of u-turn across a busy street to drop us off by the Fountainbleau room at the Roosevelt hotel. It sure seemed very dangerous to me. )-: Our pedicab driver also kept saying it was his first day. That wasn't very comforting to know.

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