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Pedicabs NYC

If they don’t also serve ice cream,and I see no place where the ice cream could be stored,what’s the point? Although they look cute in their uniforms. By the way,this is what I saw the minute I stepped outside my apartment building. I love that I live in a city where I often see something worth taking a picture of the moment I walk outside.

UPDATE: I got email from someone from the firm that came up with the idea of Good Humor Pedicabs (Golin),and she gave me this amazing correction to my post!

“I’m writing to let you know that we actually DO give away free ice cream from them – there is storage area underneath the seat of the Pedicab. Next time you see one,make sure to hail one – not only will you get a free ride,but you’ll get free ice cream as well.”

Good Humor Pedicabs

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How did NYC become flooded with pedicabs while maintaining the number of regular taxi cabs?

I imagine that pedicabs are meant to reduce pollution and traffic. They're smaller and don't run on gasoline. But if they don't actually replace automobiles, they only increase the traffic in the city. I wonder what the thinking is behind this idea and how it came to become a reality.

Because Bloomberg vetoed a law that would put restrictions on the pedicabs. =\ Something to do with emissions and the environment and whatnot. He's also planning on planting 1 million more trees in the city for some reason