Pedicabs in Austin Texas — Pedicabs

Pedicabs in Austin Texas

SXSW holds a special place in our hearts at Uber. Our earliest Uber test runs in 2010 were with friends at SXSW. We found out pretty quickly that driving through downtown in a town car during SXSW *really* sucks! We actually had to beg our friends to give Uber a shot. We learned in Austin that going local is usually the answer. Understand the city and integrate Uber into the local scene. We knew there had to be a better way to bring some Uber to SXSW.

We had a big challenge this year – how could we deliver even more #awesomesauce to SXSW 2012? Sit down for this one, or should I say, put on a bib… Uber introduces On-Demand BBQ for Austin, TX during SXSW 2012. That’s right, ON-DEMAND BBQ. Using the Uber app, you can not only summon the pedicabs you’ve come to depend on, but also order up BBQ sandwiches powered by the famous in just minutes. There’s really only one appropriate response to this…OMGUBERBBQ!

Here’s what you’ll see when you arrive in Austin:

How to get a Pedicab

- Select the pedicab option at the top of the app screen
- Set your location and click to request a pickup
- You’ll receive an text msg. when driver arrives
- Price is set by negotiation, not by a time/distance rate.
- Include tip in your total amount.
- You’ll receive a receipt via email like any other Uber ride
- Pedicabs run from Thursday 3/8 to Wednesday 3/14
- If you’re awake, there will be pedicabs

How to get Uber BBQ

- Select the BBQ option at the top of the app screen
- Set your location and click to request delivery
- You’ll receive an alert and OMGUBERBBQ will arrive
- $10 per sandwich/bag of chips/bottle of water, with up to 4 sandwiches per group
- #OMGUBERBBQ runs from Thursday 3/8 to Wednesday 3/14

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