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Pedicabs Austin Tour

Group photo of Austin Pedicabs

Since 2008, Red Devil Rides has grown from a single pedicab trailer into Austin’s most dynamic fleet of pedicabs. As one of the largest fleets in the City of Austin, Red Devil Rides is composed of nearly sixty Mainstreet pedicabs, one-third of which is owner operated, depicting how Red Devil Rides encourages growth and independence amongst its drivers.

Our pedicab operators are trained to disregard pedicab politics so that their primary objective is to provide positive experiences that our customers would feel proud to write home about. Our drivers provide on the spot pedicab tours, long rides up hill to distant neighborhoods, and rides in the rain, all while making sure that you feel spoiled, glamorous, and fully attended to.

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What are some of the tours available in Austin?

There are several different types of tours available for the city of Austin, Texas. There are walking tours of historical districts in the city, as well as tours of areas of the city that are reported to be haunted.

What is the Ghost Tour in Austin, Texas?

Austin Ghost Tours has been leading the curious through the streets of Austin. Each tour exposes haunted buildings & stories.