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Pedicab license Austin Texas

Being a pedicab driver is fun

A fantastic career in pedicabbing awaits you with Easy Rider Pedicabs! Become a part of the excitement that is downtown Austin at night. Enjoy the camaraderie of an elite group of service industry professionals. Get paid to exercise! Pick up a lucrative part-time job with flexible hours and a personable boss.

Easy Rider Pedicabs wants you to enjoy all the benefits that pedicabbing has to offer. We currently have openings for new pedicabbers, with cabs available to lease by the month or by the night. Ask us about our competitive rates!

But before you can hit the streets on a fine three-wheeled machine with your very own City of Austin chauffer’s license, there are certain legal and administrative hurdles that must be leaped.

Step 1: Drop us a line at 512-436-3286 to make sure we have an opening (or to see if any part of the process has changed since we wrote this page). This will also be a good time to mention any elements of your criminal and driving record that might make us not want to sponsor you. Sure disqualifications are outstanding probation, felony convictions, and drunk or reckless driving.

Step 2: Get a copy of your criminal record from the Texas DPS. You have to do this in person at their offices by Highland mall at 108 Denson, which is at the corner of Denson and Airport. They will fingerprint and photograph you, and in a couple days they will have a manila folder with everything you’ve done wrong on it. And if you’ve lived in another state recently you will probably need copies of all this official documentation from them too.

Step 3: Get a certified copy of your driving record. You can find this online and download it in just a few minutes. Print out a hard copy. It can be found at . Choose type 3A.

Step 4: Print out a copy of the chauffer license application form and come by our offices where our director will overview the documentation and give his signature.

Step 5: Get the application notarized. This can be done cheaply or for free on your way to the city offices.

Step 6: Present your documentation to the City of Austin Department of Transportation, offices at 1111 Rio Grande, which is near 12th Street and Rio Grande. These are extremely pleasant and patient people, despite having to oversee every pedicabber and taxi driver in the city. At this point your official records should not be more than 30 days old, or you will have to start the process over again. Applications are accepted early in the morning. You will have to take a written test to determine if you know how to read a map and have a modicum of common sense. After your test is graded you will get photographed and your pedicab license will be printed on the spot.

Step 7: We train you in the black art of pedicabbing. Thursday nights seem to be best for this.

Step 8: Give a few rides. In a couple hours you will earn back what you spent and have more fun making money than you ever thought possible.

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